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My shows are individually tailored to suit the venue and the audience
I like to start my shows with a comedy warm up, followed by magic to music to get the children laughing and  believing I can do real magic.

I also use a couple of puppets in my show because I find the children relate well to them -especially Toby Dog my very cheeky little puppet.

Tom Foolery can supply a number of show formats, so you can be sure he will tailor a performance to suit your needs, whether it is for a small birthday party or a huge corporate function here are a few below.

45 Minute Show - Is Toms comedy and fun magic show with Toby Dog. Great for nurseries and family occasions.

1 Hour show - With Tika the Dragon or Theo the Lion with lots of fun, magic and party games. Great for birthday parties at your home or village hall

2 Hour show - The full stress free party option Tom Foolery takes care of the whole party (apart from the food) with 45 minutes of comedy magic then a break for the party food. After that we sing happy birthday and finish off with 45 minutes of party games and balloons for everyone.

Another birthday party favorite Tom can offer is a Traditional Punch and Judy Show.

Tom Foolery also has some wonderful workshops suitable for older children, magic, juggling and crazy balloon hat making.

Tom Foolery can also cover all day events with show and walk around magic, balloon modelling and origami.

So whether it's a birthday party, wedding, fete, christening, fair, corporate event, or fundraiser Tom Foolery can offer professional entertainment to make magical memories for all.













A new generation of children responds as well as ever to this international favourite! 
The show is always a great hit! It's still the traditional slapstick show that's had them chortling since 1662 but adapted for modern times.

All the well-known characters are there: Punch, his wife Judy, Baby, Joey the Clown, The policeman, Crocodile, Ghost - and - of course - the sausages.

It's a great attraction for events like fetes, carnivals, store promotions - and private children's parties in homes and halls.




Take a Trip to my Magic Balloon Factory.
From Snoopy to aliens, fish to flowers, dogs to dragons, I make a huge range of balloons. You can see some of them below.

I always give a free balloon model to the birthday child, for all the boys and girls to have a balloon it's an extra .75p per child





Magic Workshop
Are you looking for a magician for your older children but think a children's magic show is not suitable.?

Tom can provide a magic workshop teaching magic tricks from his working programme.

This workshop lasts for one hour. During that time Tom does a fifteen minute magic demonstration finishingwith an explanation on how the tricks are done. Tom will teach all the guests how to do the tricks.

All the guests get to keep the props they use.

Extra special trick given to the birthday boy / girl as a gift from Tom Foolery

Maximum of eight participants.

Suitable for eight years plus


Crazy Balloon Hat Workshop


Why make a simple balloon dog when you can go really crazy with a balloon hat?

Crazy Balloon Hat workshop lasts for forty five minutes. Tom arrives with all the balloons inflated ready to go.

The first part of the workshop is about getting used to the balloons then the decorating begins.

To finish a small parade around the room, then the laminated certificates are given out for the best designed hats.

Max of fifteen participants.

Suitable for six years plus.


All of Tom's workshops, magic show, Punch and Judy, Flea Circus and games can be combined to make a two hour stress free party.


Just phone Tom to discuss your requirements and get a quote.